Sunday, 9 November 2008

28.10.08: Pix and Pambiche, Portland, OR

The inimitable Ichabod Creme
Dessert first: coffee and a treat at at Pix, the little dessert place down the street she kept making eyes at for three days. The Ichabod Creme We shared was impressively composed of spiced almond creme, caramel, and a pumpkin creme brulée - not to mention the dark choccy nest, edible gold leaf, and glazed pumpkin seeds and pecans.

Lest ye think that was the highlight of the evening, let us gently inform you otherwise. A pdx magazine perused over Our pastry revealed a neighborhood spotlight feature - 28th & Burnside - that led us to Pambiche, a Cuban haven brightly coloured and glazed in delight.

Her rich pork and plaintains
SHE SAYS: My Lengua en Salsa - tender chunks of pork bathed in a rich, red creole gravy 'scented with plump raisins and toasted almonds', accompanied by white rice and tostones (fried plaintain chips) was pungently mmmworthy with every bite.

Like we said, Portland proved an unexpected tastebud paradise. I mean, we've only reported on dinner. You don't even get to see the mapled-glazed-bacon–studded
fresh hot waffle from the waffle van - yes, the waffle van! formally known as the Little Blue Waffle Wagon - down the block from Our guesthouse, for starters. Really, if I lived here, I'd be big as a house...or maybe not. The restaurants are in proportion to the nature trails, so I'd run/walk it all off.

His 'old clothes', with fried bread
HE SAYS: My Ropa Vieja, or 'old clothes' - garlicky shredded beef laden with yellow onions and green peppers, garnished with pimientos and petit pois, served with Cuban beans & rice, plus pan frito (fried bread) - was intensely flavoursome. My Cuban wine was fine, and all in all, we had a jolly good time.

subliminal persuasion by signage
Portland's food in general was excellent, kicking Austin's hot little ass for variety and quality, and this meal was no exception. It was so good we went back for brekky a mere 12 hours later (tho' to be fair, they gave us a two-fer-one coupon. Yes, we are weak.) Best Cuban food I've had, would make it a reg'kar haunt if we lived here, that's for sure.

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