Friday, 21 November 2008

19.11.08: Red prawn and mango curry

After He unsettled their taste buds last night, She fell back on the true and trusted red prawn and mango curry made with butternut squash, sweet potato and mango, courtesy of Nigella Express. Adding the surprise elements to the evening were some leftover baby sweetcorn to the curry, and taking the place of the usual brown rice, some pearled spelt. A mixed leaf, avo, carrot and sweetfire beetroot salad appeared before their eyes.

SHE SAYS: I applied some good technique tonite - scooping out the prawns after only two minutes while the mango and lime juice bubbled away a bit longer to establish their flavours - so the prawns were delicate and juicy once reintroduced to the bowl. Plenty of coconut milk (1/3 can more than recommended) ensured a nice, light colour and undercut the fish sauce just enough. Salad was a perfect match in colour and clever counterpoint in texture, with plenty of crunch. Carrot and avo are esp good partners; who knew?

HE SAYS: I never tire of this one. The baby sweetcorn added a little crunchy variety and the pearled spelt was a revelation. Much lighter in texture than rice, subtle but distinguishable flava and it had a similar taste sensation to eating tapioca balls in bubble tea, very cool. Julienned carrots in salad are always a nice touch.

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