Tuesday, 11 November 2008

04.11.08: Election nite w/ Alex and Amy's, NYC, NY

We love Obama! And Obama cake, thoughtfully provided by our hosts.
Well, you'll have guessed already this turned out to be a celebration feast, complete with friends we haven't seen for far too long. Amy & Alex magicked up some fantastically indulgent macaroni n' cheese; grilled some generous cheese burgers; and mixed up a salad of green leaves, raisins, sweet pepper, cucumber, and some sort of tasty vinaigrette. Although We didn't manage to snap a sneaky pic of the meal we did pop a pic of dessert: a special funny confection Alex had picked up and called Obama cake. Lest you think this choccy reference was all in bad taste, may we assure you that we all thought the nite's outcome, like the cake, was so, so very sweet.

SHE SAYS: Well, that does it: I eat beef now. In-N-Out was not just an anomaly (Fact: I've not eaten beef willingly my entire life, in any form, whether McD's or Mignon - until this week!). The burgers were med-rare and grilled with a hint of smokiness and topped with some nice white cheddar, plus Our pick of tomato, lettuce, and the usual condiments.

But it's the macaroni I savoured most. So creamy, piquant and uniquely American. The spiral pasta was very substantial and in generous supply - such a treat after a whole day's near-fast of airline peanuts, 1 granola bar, and a vanilla yoghurt. The salad offered cool comfort and contrast, while the moussey Obama cake delivered sweet creamy bliss. With the added, intense enjoyment of reuniting with long-held friends, plus the euphoria of the 11pm announcement, this may well win "Happiest dinner of 2008" all 'round. Thanks to Alex and Amy for being hostesses with the mostesses.

HE SAYS: After a hectic day of travel, nearly missing our flight from LAX to NYC, it was so good to meet up with old friends, good food and entertainment. The burgers were juicy and tender, heaped with large tomatoes, onions and salad; it left little room on the plate for the fantastically indulgent and spicy 'ome-made mac n' cheese. It surely was the creamiest and cheesiest version I've had the pleasure of scoffing. The salad was definitely a bit player in the scheme of things but still tasty with added interest from the inclusion of sweet raisins.

The chocolate dessert was intensely chocolatey, rich and funny. Not sure what we would've made of McCain cake but I'm sure it wouldn't have been so deeply satisfying and tasty (I'm not such a fan of white chocolate either).

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