Tuesday, 11 November 2008

05.11.08: Bali Nusa Indah, NYC, NY

Which do We devour first?
Another long-lost pal, Candy Sue, directed us to a swell Indonesian joint in Hell's kitchen where the three of us proceeded to feast like royalty on a set meal that included (deep breath):

- shrimp crackers
- mixed salad with a tangy peanut sauce dressing
Sato Madura
- chicken broth with cellophane noodles and bean sprouts
Ikan Pepes - broiled red snapper fillet with lemongrass sauce wrapped in a banana leaf Rendang Padang - tender beef simmered in a coconut and chilli sauce
Kari Kambing
- lamb curry
Ayam Asam Manis
- chicken with garlic, onion, scallion, in a sweet and sour sauce
Kari Sayuran - vegetable curry
Sambay goreng udang buncis
- stir-fried spicy hot shrimps and stringbeans
Satay Ayam - chicken satay with peanut sauce dressing
- steamed coconut cream custard and palm sugar

Satay Ayam, or chicken satay with peanut sauce dressing to you
SHE SAYS: Shame on me for calling to mind only peanut satay upon first hearing "Indonesian". This was really too good: The soup bright with lemongrass, the salad deeply flavoured with fish sauce, all of the main dishes rich without being heavy. The greenbnz & scallops stood out as mild and moreish. The Satay Ayam was tender and p'nutty.

Shrimp crackers We gobbled up
Best of all was...the beef! The coconut and insistent citrus flavours worked my tastebuds to a tickle. The only dish I didn't sneak more of was the Ayam Asam Manis - bit sweet for me, and there was just too much gourmet goodness to be had. Dessert was chai-like in taste, and calming. Meanwhile catching up with Candy added great spice and enjoyment to the whole endeavor. Girl, get over to London already!

The fragrant rice was nice
HE SAYS: Have to agree with Her, this was a great evening. Firstly, it's been too long since we connected with the fantastic Candy, a swell chick that we used to roll with back in the day. Secondly, the food was not just your Indonesian wanna-be joint. We have been trying to budget a little on the last leg of our trip but the set menu was too inviting to pass up. Again, I agree with Her that the beef was great, the scallops very morish. The pudding was a little too sweet for my tastes.
The Sarikayo dessert She liked more than He did

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