Sunday, 9 November 2008

21.10.08: Magnolia Cafe, Austin, TX

His chicken enchiladas with chipotle sauce
A late-nite arrival in Austin, TX, had us beelining for the highly recommended Magnolia Cafe, famous for its 24-hr dining pleasures and 'Sorry, we're open' sign.

HE SAYS: Had me some chicken enchiladas with chipotle sauce. Not bad diner Mexican food: the chicken was tender, the sauce was hot and spicy, but overall it lacked a certain Mexican something, something. Maybe it didn't have enough cheesy goodness, or perhaps I was still too jet-lagged to fully appreciate a good meal at 11:30 pm after a 4-hour plane ride.

Her black bnz with indulgent toppings
SHE SAYS: My Mexi-feast of the Black Bean Entree with lemon sour cream, avo, pico de gallo and cheddar chz, plus jalapeno corncakes, was an indulgent pleasure, but I couldn't help notice the flavour came mostly from the toppings - not sure the base bnz were so spectacular. They had an innaresting consistency, tho': creamy, yet still whole-bean. Corncakes were sweet and spicy, def. a treat.

Her less indulgent salad with cilantro-lime dressing
The basic side salad sported an unremarkable 'cilantro-lime' dressing which tasted like v. plain vinaigrette to me....overall, big thumbs-up for 11pm+ fare.

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