Sunday, 9 November 2008

22.10.08: Central Market, Austin, TX

Her spinach salad and tortilla soup
Met up with friends of a friend for a nosh and natter at the Whole Foodish Central Market, but after a big lunch at The Woodland, our eyes were as small as our stomachs.

His Cuban sammich with melon
SHE SAYS: Plenty enough gourmet fare on offer, but I got the least I could and still call it dinner: a small cup of tortilla soup with sour cream avo, etc., and a spinach salad with bacon bits, pecans, tomatoes, and so on. It was still big. (Wine $7/glass!) Soup was carroty and celery-heavy, but good - again, a case of lots of indulgent 'helper' ingredients. Salad was alright with balsamic vinaigrette, and it was good to eat lots of raw veg, but not hugely tempting overall. Not sure how much lack o' appetite was in play. Best bit was the company: warm, laid-back and v. helpful in imparting Austin lore. Thanks, guys!

HE SAYS: Wow, I was pretty shocked at the prices. Two glasses of wine for $18, bloody hell! The Cuban sandwich I chose was tasty - I enjoyed the American mustard (a condiment I rarely sample, but used sparingly it's pretty nice) and pickle combo. I got a fruit plate as a side instead of fries (which I've already eaten too much of on this trip), which included watermelon and pineapple chincks, and perhaps grapes. The portion was a little tiddly, but I didn't mind since I ate a whole cow at lunchtime.

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