Thursday, 13 November 2008

11.11.08: Lemon chicken with radish and pomegranate salad

The week of family faves continues with the obligatory lemon chicken, lovingly prepared and roasted by Him. A spinach salad of pomegranate and radishes crept into the picture.

HE SAYS: After weeks away I began to question my love for the lemon chicken; how foolish I was to ever doubt the power of this hearty, zesty treat. The 'taters were crunchy outside and fluffy inside; the chix was tender, juicy and crispy; the green bnz, garlicky, lemony and light. What more could you ask for? The salad offered two types of peppery sensory experiences with the pomegranate and radishes competing for my attention.

SHE SAYS: Like He says, never was the deeply familiar such a good surprise. This time I think the green bnz absorbed more than their fair share of flavour, but draping my chicken with the jammy lemons added plenty to the palate-teasing taste o' chicken. Salad continues to add extra-satisfying crunch after weeks mostly without.

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