Tuesday, 11 November 2008

06.11.08: Home cookin' w/relations, NYC, NY

His aunt 'n' uncle have given us ample houseroom in NYC quite a few times now, in their lovely upper east side doorman building. And if that weren't enough, they agreed to feed us, too. A very welcome spread of roast chicken and veg (turnips, blue potatoes, sweet potatoes and shallots, a heaping emerald pile of steamed spinach, and a salad of leaves and radishes (how did they know?) out a homey finishing touch to our holiday dinner adventures. (Dessert of strawberries and blueberries baked up with touches of cream and brown sugar didn't go amiss, either.) It's been a treat most of the time, but We are rarin' to get back in Our own kitchen!

HE SAYS: Simple home goodness was on the menu for tonite. You can't beat a freshly roasted organic chicken, and with the veggie medley I was satisfied enough. Add in a green salad and a glass or two of wine and it made a cosy end to a great trip.

SHE SAYS: Properly nourishing and tasty, with perfectly seasoned chicken and naked spinach - it was the most welcome kind of plain, soothing and filling. Note to Self: blue potatoes are extra-sweet, how innaresting. Many thanks to his NYC relatives for giving us yet another excellent welcome and comfy hospitality.

The Dinner4deux vacation diary: proof we took notes and didn't make it up off the top of our heads when we got back

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