Sunday, 9 November 2008

27.10.08: Sushi repeat, Portland, OR

Always more fun to sit at the bar
Being downtown already to meet our newly acquired Portland crew, we couldn't help but take a second pass at the budget-but-delish Sushi Ichiban.

Pick a plate, any plate...but be quick!
HE SAYS: This time we sat at the bar, and the mesmerising choo-choo train sped by, delivering the sushi bounty to our seats every minute or so. Again we special-ordered the escolar and again it was good. We piled up about 18 plates and got out in about 20 minutes and dollars total.

The incredible edible escolar
SHE SAYS: Sheer gluttony, for cheap. Buttery salmon, the juicy escolar, a few CA-style rolls...and repeat. We had about 8 empty plates in front of us, checked our watches, and realised we'd only been sushi-scoffing for about 8 minutes. So we slowed down....a bit. We don't normally do such a quick re-run of any dinner, but we needed a real meal deal within 30 minutes to make our evening date. This made us full, happy, not to light in the pockets, and punctual.

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