Sunday, 23 November 2008

23.11.08: Leftovers, a little bit of everything

She warmed up the extras from last night's 'do plus some red prawn and mango curry from earlier this week. The scallop-looking spuds are also from yesterday, but they're the ones that got away (from the frying pan). She'd boiled up a lot of potato slices in prep for the panch phora part of the programme, but after two fry-batches, She raised a little white flag and stored the rest of the parboils in the fridge.

SHE SAYS: It was like one of those retrospective shows that clog the telly these days: instead of Best Comedy Catchphrases or Wrinkly Remains of
'80s Pop Stars, we had Mealtime Hits o' the Week. Well, anyway. You already know what we thought of the individual elements. The curry played nicely and spicily with the other foodstuffs, and if there was a little tastebud confusion, it was a small price to pay for so much enjoyment and so little work.

HE SAYS: I admit, I wasn't convinced the shrimp red curry would still be be okay tonight. I was very wrong. It was better then alright, and so was the rest of the meal. The boiled potatoes reminded the rest of the plate that plain doesn't always mean boring: a little salt and pepper and a shake of hot sauce brought them out of their skins.

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The London Caricaturist said...

Very interesting! Good to meet you last night! Good luck with the blog!

I can think of a follow up to this idea, but it's a little disgusting. Can you guess what it is?