Friday, 28 November 2008

24.11.08: Out to Mildreds

After an evening of thought-provoking storytelling in town, They decided to introduce the veggie wonders of Mildred's to some willing compatriots.

: I had the veggie burrito (above) once again and I was not disappointed. The pinto bnz were yum: tender and well seasoned. Loads of fresh salsa, guacamole and sour cream helped the deliciousness factor a little too, I'm sure. The pud that She and I shared was dark and dense and richly satisfying. After a few pints and sharing a bottle of wine, We stumbled home late, me more than slightly tipsy but ultimately pleased I didn't need to drive the porcelain bus that night.
SHE SAYS: Funnily enough, I had the same thing I did last time we came here - sunblushed tomato and buffalo mozzarella risotto cakes served with wilted spinach, green beans and grape mustard cream sauce. Really, I wasn't sure when I ordered it if it was quite the same item. My mind conspired with my tummy, then, to have this combo of creamy, fresh and just a tad zesy all over again. And thanks to our dining companions, there was more to come...

Some sort of choccy tofu chzcake with whole raspberries in. Not truly as good as it sounds or looks – the choccy was not so prominent and I'm not sure I exactly love the rasberry-choc combo anyway. But it was a splendid idea.

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