Tuesday, 11 November 2008

07.11.08: Plane food again

Ho-hum. On our way back to Blighty, we had no choice but to tuck into some sort of chicken and veg casserole, plus a green salad with what turned out to be freshwater mozzarella, a slice of apple pie, bread roll with butter pat, and a mini-Crunchie bar. We did have a choice of wine, however: French or California.

SHE SAYS: Top tip - if you have a choice of wine regions on the plane, always pick French! My wine was far more palatable than his, nicely balanced with a pleasing touch of acidity. The chicken etc. was passable, decent frozen food-grade. Salad was bland but fine, and the apple pie had noticeable hints of cinnamon...if only it weren't quite so very cold! Crunchie bars are always welcome, and this time I had it straightaway - no pocketing for later.

HE SAYS: The Air steward missed our row as he was giving out the meals, and when I managed to get his attention they were out of choices, so it was the chicken or nought. I didn't expect much but this meal was actually worse then the meal on the outbound journey: watery and soupy with a sweet tomato sauce and rubbery chicken. I was glad we got a Crunchie, one of my fave chocolate bars second only to a DAIM bar. The salad and apple pie were okay, my wine was insipidly dreadful.

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