Saturday, 22 November 2008

21.11.08: Sheesh Mahal takeaway

They decided to have a Friday night in around the telly with a curry. He contacted the Sheesh Mahal hotline and half an hour later a colourful plate was made. They proceeded to dig into a plate of chicken tikka masala, lamb rezalla, chana bhajee with pilau rice and a spinach, beetroot salad. Geeta's chutneys aided and abetted.

SHE SAYS: All good in the neighborhood with the smoky chickpeas rating highest on my list. I do think they make some dishes too sweet, and I'm afraid this extends to the CTM. Lamb rezalla calmed it all down with deep tomatoey savouriness, and I probably spooned a little too much tangy chtuney for my own good.

HE SAYS: There is nothing nicer then a curry on a Friday night. Rich, satisfying and spicy, I have nothing bad to say about our local Indian emporium. The lamb rezalla is always a treat with large chunks of meat smothered and covered by a fragrant array of onions and spices, mmmm.

PS: One of Our two readers has reminded Us we could and should make our own channa masala, and her channa recipe does look mighty simple and good. This is the same lady who magicked up the saag paneer recipe we luv, so you know it'll be good.


Miss Information said...

uhhh. indian delivery! JEALOUS!

Mallika said...

Nooooo, why are you two not making your own channa. It's super simple!!

N+D said...

Ok, Mallika, we've found your channa masala recipe (link reverse-engineered into post), and will try it soonish!