Tuesday, 11 November 2008

08.11.08: Boiled egg, miso and cuppa

After hours upon hours of travel we arrived back in London early in the morning, totally jet-lagged. We slept slept thru the entire day after which She proceeded to conjure up this late night snack/dinner at 2am (US time). The meal for Her consisted of miso soup with glass noodles and spinach with a side of boiled eggs sans soldiers and a freshly brewed cup of tea. For Him, a Marmite bagel with boiled egg was on the menu (not pictured) plus sips of Her soup and his own cup of cha.

HE SAYS: Ooooh, that tea tasted good. Oh, and the egg and Marmite combo is only second to the grilled cheese and Marmite option in my pantheon of delicious midnight munchy food. I helped Her finish the soup and noodles and it was also tasty, in fact, what with the Marmite and miso I nearly went into umami diabetic shock.

SHE SAYS: I pretty much sank into that soup, still feeling really fragile, and dipping into the egg with a teaspoon, sprinkling salt along the way, seemed pure plain-food heaven. Glass noodles are not ideal in miso, but they filled the role of life-giving starch nicely. This meal gave me just enough energy to stumble back to bed for a few more hours!

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