Monday, 10 November 2008

30.10.08: Satali's Pizza, San Diego, CA

We strolled along the main street of San Diego's overmarketed 'Little Italy' in search of cheap 'n' easy, and found something satisfying in this pizzeria - which was mainly a takeout joint by the looks of all the people lurking in the doorway.

First, a small salad to share: basic leaves, tomatoes, chickpeas, cuke slices and peperoncini accompanied by the obligatory oil and vinegar cruets. A hot pie of pepperoni-mushroom graced the centre as we held our knives and fork poised for dining pleasure...

SHE SAYS: Humble and tasty, with a perfectly toasty thin-medium crust. It was good basic stuff - the sauce not too sweet, not greasy, and in all respects a perfectly decent American pizza. Even and average pie like this blows Britain's sorry excuse of a pizza joint out of the water with savoury gusto.

HE SAYS: Okay, not New York standards, but as She says it blew Pizza Express away (it puzzles me how they stay in business). The crust was firm and pretty thin, and we were able to pick up and eat slices without the toppings sliding off the edges. The local brew I drank in between bites had a satisfying malty, full-bodied taste just right for a pizza nite out.

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